Digital Marketing for Plumbers – 5 Easy Online Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business in 2019

21May 2019

Marketing online or digital marketing for plumbers is a great way to grow your service business if done correctly. This is because it's a really great opportunity for a plumbing service business or contractor to attract and attain more customers in your area.

Your marketing for plumbers should become more digital orientated because your customers are hanging out online. Therefore the best way for you to be able to reach them is also by hanging out online in the same places where they are and where they can see your brand.

Simple Online Marketing Strategies for Plumbers

easy tips for digital marketing for plumbers

Knowing how to reach or target customers effectively can be one of the best ways to grow your plumbing business.

Facebook and Twitter social media accounts are the most common social media marketing methods used by plumbers we have found. But there are also a whole range of video sites that are also great for video marketing. YouTube is often overlooked but can bring lots of visitor attention to your brand and there are a range of video sites which can be used.

Investing in a simple plumbing website is an essential base to be able to grow your brand and promote your services in a professional manner.

online marketing for plumbers

Showing Up and Looking Good Online

Looking good online is not about having the best profile pic but is all about showing up in all the right places.

Just like your mother used to say, look smart and presentable. This means that where your customers can see you, you need to make sure your plumbing company looks respectable and memorable.

This is about bulding brand awareness and making sure your prospective customers begin to recogize your brand.

Your customers might not need your services right there and then, when they first see your online profiles but you want to create a good first impression for them.

In the future when they do need your plumbing services you want to have created a positive image so that they may think of you straight away.

Or when they're searching for a plumber you'll have a better chance of them picking you over a competitor due to the brand recognition you have already earlier established.

Maximize Your Online Marketing Presence

Many plumbing businesses will not go to the effort to establish all the social accounts that are available to them online. This is a big advantage for your business if you go this extra step.

maximize your online marketing presence

There are a whole range of Web 2.0 and social media marketing accounts that you can use to establish for your business. These will give your brand more credibility and give your brand a bigger marketing spread to your prospective customers.

This will help you on a number of fronts and is like a snowball effect for your marketing.

  • The more your brand is visible online the more authority it can gain online.
  • The more authority you gain online the higher your brands pages will show up in the search engine pages.
  • The higher your brands pages show up in the search engine pages the more online traffic you get.
  • The more traffic you get the more customer visibility you get.
  • The more visibility you get the more enquiries you get.
  • Added to this fact the more brand recognition you get, the more customers will view your content and as a result choose your services.

Choose Your Approach to Digital Marketing for Plumbers

Digital marketing for plumbers or any other business can be passive, active or a mixture of both.

Active online marketing for plumbing services would involve running paid advertising marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google.

Google and Bing Ads

Active internet marketing services for plumbers could possibly even include cold calling or mailing prospects to become customers.

This may not suit a domestic plumbing service but for commercial plumbers can be very effective for establishing maintenance contracts.

Active marketing for plumbers has the greatest cost but the rewards when done correctly are significant for a plumber.

The downside for active marketing is often that when you stop the activity the marketing effort is also stopped so it doesn't build any momentum like other methods can. But is very good for instant traffic.

Passive digital marketing for plumbers would involve establishing a digital marketing campaign and working towards building and growing your plumbing online presence.

This would be by the use of websites, social media, directory listings and business listings in services such as Yelp.

This could also include building out your Google My Business (GMB) profile or using search engine optimization (SEO) to become prominent on the first page of Google.

Google My Business GMB marketing

All of these passive marketing methods are not directed towards a specific customer like the active methods but rather in the fishing analogy, like casting a wide net.

Passive plumbing marketing uses the marketing method that customers when looking for your service would be able to find you online and then contact your plumbing service rather than a competitors plumbing businesses.

The reason they would choose you is due to the marketing efforts you had achieved previously and the brand awareness that you had engineered by the larger number of marketing methods that you would have empoloyed.

Using multiple methods to communciate with your customers also ensures that you cater to a wider selection of customers. Not all customers will use the same online technologies.

These passive marketing methods can take time to become fully implemented. But these digital marketing strategies are the ones that you should establish early on for your plumber services. These will hopefully then grow and be nutured alongside your plumbing business growth.

The other benefit of these is that you can grow and fund them overtime so they are not all required immediately upfront.

keep your marketing constant

Keep Your Marketing Methods Constant

In order to grow your online marketing for plumbers methods, you need get started establishing them in the first place, then the marketing methods need to be maintained.

The best method is to drip them out over time, drip, drip, drip. As the saying goes slow and steady wins the race.

Doing things all at once will only give you lumpy marketing coverage and can even be harmful to your accounts.

Leverage Social Media in Your Marketing Efforts

Social media is a great method for plumbers as it is something anyone can do. On social media is also a place that most of your customers will be hanging out on at some time of the day. If you consider the volume of users using Facebook, YouTube and Twitter there are millions and millions of views each day.

Social media also benefits from not being too complex and needs the least amount of time to keep updated.

Posting customer reviews to your social media accounts is a great way to increase your brand awareness and spread the good word about your services.

social media marketing services for plumbers

Anything news worthy that occurs in the business is also great to share on social media.

YouTube video marketing is a great social media strategy for your business. Not only do you get the permanent video like an advert for your plumbing services company, which is always available online. But in addition you can also get a second use from it if you post it to your social media as an event.

Don't worry you don't need to appear on camera yourself if you don't want to. There are a range of video formats that can promote your plumber services like slideshows and animations without needing to get on camera yourself.

Posting customer testimonial reviews on video is however very powerful if your customers don't mind being on camera.

Another method that you could consider is to video the plumbing job before and after. This would not need the customer to appear but is a good form of video content for your business.

Online marketing for plumbers is getting more and more competitive for plumbing businesses, that's for sure. But it is still possible to succeed in your marketing but it takes a lot of thought, skill and persistence.

It is never too late to start your digital marketing strategy. So don't worry if you haven't done much of late. Just get started with some level of marketing and then maintain your marketing efforts as much as you are able.

At PlumbingMarketingPro, we know what works and what doesn’t in plumber marketing.

We’ve helped a whole range of plumbing businesses succeed online and understand how to help you optimize your plumbers marketing process to grow your business. If you need a hand don't hesitate to contact us and we would be more than happy to help assist you.

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